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Top 5 Imminent Signs of Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine usually starts as a fun gig but eventually develops as an abusive habit or rather an addiction. Moreover, while getting into the habit is easy, getting out of it is probably the most difficult thing to achieve. What follows is a barrage of rehabilitation programs and what not! Cocaine addiction treatment in India isn’t easy to get as there are only a handful of credible organizations offering the services. However, even if you locate one for your close ones, you first need to identify him or her as an abuser, precisely by enlisting the imminent signs of the same.

Sign 1: Mood Swings

If someone around you is witnessing mood swings, don’t jump into conclusions by tagging him as a user. The best way to gauge signs of cocaine abuse is to observe the person for a considerable period of time. You should look out for signs related to euphoria, panic, irritation, and more. In most cases, the person starts talking abnormally on a regular basis and this is one of the more alarming signs of cocaine abuse. However, the mood effects might vary, depending on the individual.

Sign 2: Erratic Behavior

Cocaine abuse is best identified by behavioral changes. Once the effect starts eroding, the person feels drowsy and wants to sleep. However, he or she is super-energetic when high. Unpredictability creeps in when a person is abusing and it urges him or her to resort to stealing and other erratic activities. The tricky thing here is to observe keenly. Behavioral changes can be caused by a host of other reasons but if the signs persist for long, you might have a cocaine abuser to deal with.

Sign 3: Weakened Physique

Cocaine has several physical effects in addition to the physiological ones. Regular users have irregular heart rhythms which might interfere with the circadian cycles. Besides affecting the sleep cycles, irregular heartbeat can also lead to a weakened physique as the body ends up burning more energy than required. Most cocaine addiction treatment clinics in the country usually get malnourished patients and this is one sign that you should be wary off.

Sign 4: Degrading Physiological Impact

Cocaine usage kills off the power to make decent decisions. Individuals who are using often fall short in the motivation department. All the rationalities are put to rest and the drug starts to overpower all the decisions in play. Most importantly, this drug builds tolerance with time and therefore individuals keep requiring higher doses to feel the impact. This is where usage turns into abuse.

Sign 5: Physical Discomfort

Cocaine is a highly dangerous substance that leads to a host of health issues and even extended bouts of physical discomfort. These include frequent headaches, chills, high blood pressure, sweating, confusion, and more. Long-term effects like these might just reveal that the person is abusing the harmful substance.

Dangers of Cocaine Abuse

If you are looking for addiction treatment, India is one country where options are limited. Therefore, you need to take a closer look at the existing options in hand based on the reviews and credibility quotient.

Cocaine, unlike other addictive substances, dissolves quickly into the bloodstream and effects show up quite fast. The feeling of euphoria, however, is also short-lived. While these are many perils of using this drug, it has the worst impact on individuals with pre-existing medical conditions.

The first steps towards cocaine usage starts with a feeling of joy which eventually turns into addiction, sleeplessness, and everything bad. Long-term cocaine abuse requires addiction treatment in India but the impacts can also be felt inside the body i.e. liver, kidney, and other organs are bound to get compromised. Last but not least, as this drug is snorted in, the nasal cavity gets affected and might even encounter irreversible damages.


Cocaine addiction treatment requires an individual to go in therapy, especially at rehabilitation centers. However, the process starts with a simple intervention from the close ones. Moreover, if the treatment process isn’t extensive, the chances of relapse increase with time. Cocaine, without a doubt, is a dangerous substance and abusing or even using the same can have catastrophic consequences. However, if you know any person who is currently affected by the ill-effects of cocaine abuse, you should immediately connect him or her to a validated treatment clinic.


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