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If you are using Cialis for the first time, there are certain things you need to know in order to take it safely and effectively. Read on for consumer information regarding the use of Cialis.

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Cialis is a very safe medication that is used by millions of men every day. However, every drug comes with risks. If you are taking Cialis, read on for some precautions and warnings you should follow.

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Anytime you begin using a prescription for the first time, you will likely have some questions or concerns. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the popular erectile dysfunction drug, Cialis.

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Cialis Use in Overweight Men

Men who are overweight may be so with or without having any underlying medical condition. These men may experience erectile dysfunction. Incidence of ED is more prevalent in overweight men who are older. The extra weight can lead to other problems such as low levels of testosterone. And low testosterone can result in a low libido. The relationship between these issues can be quite complex. It is important you understand how each affects the other before taking an ED medication like Cialis.

Ruling Out Medical Conditions

If you are overweight and have ED, you should let your doctor know. He will want to make sure you do not have any medical problems that are causing the weight gain or the ED. You never want to take ED medications when you do not actually have ED. While these drugs will do little in terms of enhancing sexual performance, you are still exposed to the side effects. After ruling out medical reasons for being overweight and having ED, you are ready to work on the other issues.

Correcting Low Testosterone Levels

When your body reduces the amount of testosterone it produces, you may gain weight. However, gaining weight can also result in low levels of testosterone. The precise relationship between the two differs in men. But a low testosterone level can prevent ED medications from being effective. Do not assume that just because you are taking an ED drug that you will no longer experience erectile dysfunction.

Addressing Weak Sex Drive

A reduction in testosterone can lead to a low libido. Excessive weight gain can also impact your sex drive. And if you are unable to become aroused, taking an ED medication will have absolutely no effect on your erectile dysfunction symptoms. You need to first address your low libido. When men initially experience ED, it is not unusual for them to become depressed. Many simply tell themselves they are no longer interested in sex. Whatever is causing your weak sex drive will continue to interfere with ED medications. It is probably better to avoid ED drugs until your libido is restored to its normal level.v

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

There are several options that can treat ED. Men tend to prefer taking medication over other treatment alternatives. Overweight men who have erectile dysfunction can safely take an ED drug like Cialis. However, this drug only treats ED. It does nothing to increase your sex drive or testosterone levels. And without these two issues successfully addressed, you will continue to struggle with erectile dysfunction. Only use Cialis when you expect it to be able to work relatively well. This means you must be able to get aroused. ED drugs require users to be sexually stimulated for the medication can work.

Overweight men may need to approach ED treatment a bit differently. You have a greater chance of also experiencing a low libido and testosterone levels. Your doctor will advise you to lose weight which can improve most of your symptoms. Only then should you consider taking ED medications. Cialis is the safest choice for men with weight problems.

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