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If you are using Cialis for the first time, there are certain things you need to know in order to take it safely and effectively. Read on for consumer information regarding the use of Cialis.

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Cialis is a very safe medication that is used by millions of men every day. However, every drug comes with risks. If you are taking Cialis, read on for some precautions and warnings you should follow.

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Cialis FAQ

Anytime you begin using a prescription for the first time, you will likely have some questions or concerns. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the popular erectile dysfunction drug, Cialis.

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Brand Name vs. Generic Cialis

Many types of brand name drugs have a generic counterpart. The generic is often made by another company that is allowed to make the drug after the patent for the brand name drug has expired. Generics are promoted as having the same active ingredients but cheaper versions of the original medication. Nearly a decade after it was first approved by the FDA, Cialis is now available in generic form. Before you decide to purchase the generic form of this medication, you should consider the following similarities and differences.

Chemical Compounds

Both the brand name and generic version of this drug contain the same chemical makeup. Each medication uses Tadalafil as the active ingredient. The intended use of the drug is the same which is to help men achieve and keep a hard erection. They basically work by inhibiting the production of an enzyme so that blood can flow easily to the penis.

Use of Medication

There is no difference in how the manufacturers intend the ED mediations to be used. You have to take them both exactly the same way. And the period of effectiveness is the same for the brand name and generic versions of this drug. It does not matter which medication you plan to take, you still need to consult with your doctor before starting either the brand name or generic ED drug.


The majority of generic drugs are of the same quality as the original. However, it has happened that the generic version of a particular medication did not have the same level of quality or was a weaker version of the original drug. But this does not mean it is harmful in anyway. And you should not assume this will be the case of ED medications. As long as the same ingredients are used and the chemical makeup remains true to the original, then you are essentially purchasing the same drug.


This is when the differences between brand name and generic drugs become noticeable. Generic drugs always cost less than brand name medications. The manufacturer of the generic ED drug only has to pay for the production of the drug. All of the testing has been done by the manufacturer of the brand name drug. Since the costs are lower for the manufacturer of the generic drug, it is cheaper for customers to buy.


Now that there is a cheaper version of Cialis on the market, more men can use it to treat erectile dysfunction. And it can easily be purchased from online pharmacies which makes it all that more accessible to men. When the availability of good ED medications increases, it is an opportunity for men who are not otherwise treating their ED to consider their options.

Other differences between brand name and generic drugs include appearance, packaging, and manufacturer. You should be able to easily distinguish between these two types of drugs. The packaging of brand name Cialis will not be altered. However, there will be a growing number of generics on the market in the coming years. It is important you verify that a drug really is the generic version of Cialis and not a counterfeit pill.

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