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If you are using Cialis for the first time, there are certain things you need to know in order to take it safely and effectively. Read on for consumer information regarding the use of Cialis.

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Cialis is a very safe medication that is used by millions of men every day. However, every drug comes with risks. If you are taking Cialis, read on for some precautions and warnings you should follow.

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Anytime you begin using a prescription for the first time, you will likely have some questions or concerns. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the popular erectile dysfunction drug, Cialis.

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Athletes and Cialis Use

Athletes who participate in organized competitions are prohibited from taking certain types of drugs that may help performance. There has been much debate about whether or not medications that treat erectile dysfunction should be on the list of banned substances. This has become an issue because of the way these medications work. Cialis and other ED medications may or may not be a good treatment solution for serious athletes.


The primary concern is that because ED medications cause the dilation of blood vessels so blood flows faster, athletes who use these drugs derive some sort of performance boost. Much of this speculation started with professional ball players, weight lifters, and body builders who claimed their sports performance was enhanced after using ED drugs. Official athletic oversight organizations have been forced to look into and address these concerns.


There is no scientific evidence that ED drugs benefit athletes in any way. The World Anti-Doping Association took these allegations seriously and paid for a study to determine whether or not athletes who use ED medications gain any type of advantage over their competitors. The study has been completed and these drugs have not been banned by any sporting organization. It can be assumed that there was no evidence that ED medications help athletes perform better outside of the bedroom. It is perfectly safe to use this drug to treat ED, even if you are an athlete.


If you are still concerned, you might want to avoid ED medications altogether. There are other ED treatment options your doctor can discuss with you. But really, at this point you are probably overreacting if you avoid proven treatments because of rumors and speculation. Athletes take their health very seriously and even a condition like erectile dysfunction can cause anxiety. Of course, you do not have to actually treat ED. You just will not have the confidence of knowing you are able to get and keep an erection hard enough for sexual intercourse each and every time you want to have sex.


Athletes do receive benefits when they use this drug to treat ED. Since it lasts longer in the system, you do not have to take as much. This is a major benefit for men who do not want to rely on medications for any reason. It is also safer if you are already taking another prescription drug. Often athletes have sports injuries that require medical treatment and medication. Cialis does not have the interaction problems that other ED medications do so you can continue taking it while healing from your injury.

Athletes face a unique situation when they develop erectile dysfunction. They always have to be careful what kind of drugs they take. This is especially true for professional athletes who may be randomly tested for performance enhancers. Past rumors about the ability of Cialis to boost performance has caused athletes to hesitate taking this and other ED drugs. But you do not have to hesitate any longer. You can confidently plan your ED treatment with the help of this particular ED medication.

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