10 Tips To Stay Healthy While Suffering From Asthma

People who are suffering from asthma should find all those things that can trigger their asthma attack and stay away from the triggers. Asthma triggers can instantly aggravate asthma symptoms and make the condition of the patient worse.

The patient will suffer from intense coughing, wheezing, and difficult breathing. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips and tricks that will help you to stay healthy while suffering from asthma:

Determine Asthma Triggers

There are various asthma triggers that can aggravate asthma symptoms such as air pollution, allergens, flu virus, smoke, certain fragrances, mold spores, etc. It is very important to determine your asthma triggers so that you can prevent yourself from these. You should take all the important steps to avoid asthma triggers.

Record Everything That Affects Asthma

You should keep track of all those things that trigger your asthma. Take a dairy and record all environmental and emotional things that can aggravate your asthma symptoms. When you suffer an asthma attack, then note down all those things that have affected you.

After that, you should consult your doctor and show the record so that he/she can recommend the best measures to stay healthy.

Maintain Clean Indoor

Most people consider that outdoor pollution is responsible for asthma triggers. But this is not true! Our indoor air also gets polluted due to various reasons, and that can affect the health of asthma sufferers. Due to allergen exposure, you will suffer from inflammation in your airways, and it will lead to an asthma attack.

The best way to maintain clean air is to do regular cleaning of your house. Also, install air conditioning Sydney integrated with HEPA filter. This filter helps in maintaining clean air inside the hope by trapping indoor pollutants.

Stay Away from Smoke

Asthma sufferers should stay away from smoke as it can immediately trigger an asthma attack. They should stay away from all kinds of smoke. You should not allow anyone to smoke inside your home or car. You should avoid going to the smoking zones. If you smoke, then you should take help to immediately quit it.

Prevent From Flu

Flu is very dangerous for asthma patients; therefore, they should prevent themselves from cold and flu. Asthma sufferers should stay away from people who are suffering from cold or flu. You should wash your handle frequently to avoid any respiratory infection.

Get Vaccinated

The asthma patients should take a flu shot every year to prevent themselves from cold and flu. If an asthma patient catches a cold or flu, then he/she have to suffer from major complications. According to the survey, the asthma patient who suffers from cold or flu should be hospitalized. Moreover, there is a high probability of converting simple flu into pneumonia.

Do Breathing Exercise

Asthma patients should practice breathing exercises regularly. It will help in increasing lung capacity and reduce symptoms. If you are a beginner, then do it for a few minutes and gradually increase the time duration. You can follow tutorials on youtube or read tips given on different websites.

If you practice breathing exercises regularly, then you will observe a significant change in your health. This exercise will also help in reducing asthma symptoms and help you to stay healthy and fit. You can also do cardio exercises to improve your lung capacity.

Allergy Shots

The asthma sufferers who are allergic must take allergy shots to prevent their condition from getting worse. This is immunotherapy in which doctors inject allergens inside your body in small quantities. With the passage of time, your body will be used to of allergen and let you stay normal and healthy when you are exposed to allergens. It helps in keeping your asthma symptoms under control.

Maintain Ideal Humidity Level

The high humidity level can also worsen the condition of asthma sufferers. Therefore, you should maintain the ideal humidity level inside your house. Install ducted air conditioning Sydney at your home to maintain the required level of humidity.

The latest technology air conditioner can maintain the ideal temperature and right humidity level. You can either go for dehumidifiers to control the humidity level in your home. You should prevent humidity levels from going extremely low or extremely high.

Create An Asthma Action Plan

You should create an asthma action plan after consulting your doctor. In this action plan, you should take all the necessary steps that will help you to stay away from triggers. You should also take your prescribed medicines on time.

The asthma action plan will help you to stay normal and healthy. It will help in reducing asthma symptoms and let you lead a normal life. Make sure to show your asthma action plan to your doctor. Do not do anything without consultation from your doctor.


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